Senior Inspector for Ministry of Youth and Sport has urged the youth to be self-dependent on business sector and leave politics to their senior counterparts.

Yesterday, Senior Inspector at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Garang Mathiang said any person who reaches 20 years without knowledge on life sustainability was a ‘useless person’.

Mathiang said business was not a matter of having large amounts of money saying, one can even start from selling empty bottles of water.

“Don’t make yourself to be youth who are running after the big positions in government, politics is not for the youth, politics is for big people. You manage your business first after that you can go to politics because politics destroys young people,” Mathiang said.

Whitaker Peace Development Initiative Business Manager, Goma Hussein, the idea for business is to make sure that young people are given opportunities to start their business and also to contribute towards the development of this nation.

“The idea is to engage our young people to be very productive and believe that only peace can be solution. We want to tell young people who are outside there that this is the opportunity for them to come and get training so that they can be able to manage their own business,” Hussein said.