An initiative seeking to create open conversations around menstruation in young girls is advocating for policies that make sanitary hygiene products more accessible to girls. 

‘Men4women,’ a joint collaboration by the ‘I am Peace’ organization and the Okay Africa Foundation calls for tax exemptions on sanitary towels and inclusion of the costs of the hygiene products in school fees. 

The campaign also involves school visits, distribution of sanitary towels and conversations with boys about menses. 

According to Data Emanuel Gordon from the Okay Africa Foundation engaging the government to provide sanitary pads to government primary schools and exempt taxes on sanitary products for the rest of the population to access at relatively low costs.

Men4Women indicative has distributed 154 pads to girls and boys including both male and female teachers of Thoare Gatkuer Primary School in Mangaten.

“The movement look at community schools that has minimal support. We plan to reach 10 primary schools before the end of the year with support from the public,” Data Gordan said.