Hair maketh a woman. It is an important accessory that has ensured that the beauty, particularly hair, is a multi-billion dollar industry. In my hood, Hai Jalaba alone there are approximately three salons within a square metre.

The nitty gritty details about hairstyles are not my fortress so I will stick to the basic impressions and deductions that I make whenever I see a lady in a particular hairstyle. I know there are various specific styles, but it doesn’t matter.


Ladies who like braids are those who do not want to stand out. They want to fit it, although they can involve complex designs that make them stand out. Discounting designs it is pretty clear these ladies are not about any complications in their lives.


The weave has gained infamy in the recent past, with men particularly not quite pleased with it. that aside, ladies who don weaves appear a little complicated, or the kind that leads lifestyles that they attach the following statement: only God can judge me.


These ladies are rebellious in nature or are bold. They seem to be bosses in whatever field they have chosen. They are fiercely independent and do not tolerate mediocrity in men. The dreads are apparently expensive, which kinda explains class.

Blowdried and simply tied in a ponytail 

She is either on the transition between one hairstyle and still undecided on what to wear next. Or she could just flat broke. This phase never lasts. Brightly colored hair she is an attention seeker. There’s no other explanation other than the fact that she wants attention to drift towards her. Most of the time they look sullen as they walk in the streets as if a heavy burden is wearing them down.

The shaved 

There are those ladies who shave everything in their head, which makes you think that she under strict instructions from a secret cult. Or she is sick. Others keep theirs reasonably short, which means that they are confident in the shape of their heads.

There are those who have partially shave and donned braids on top. These ladies are likely artistes and their hair is a form of artistic expressions.