A youth leader, Justine Woje, is calling on elders to hand over power to the youth since they have been unable to move the country forward.

Speaking in the function on Saturday on the briefing of the revitalization forum Justine Woje said they are ready to lead South Sudan towards peace.

“If you people are not able to run the government, hand the government to the youth, the youth are ready to run this government tomorrow.”

However the Minister for Information, Michael Makuei told the youth to be patient, saying their time will come.

“There is no way you take away without learning from us first you must acquire the experience from us first,” said Makuei.

Makuei added that “the fact that you are educated does not mean that your experienced, so please don’t hurry little by little you take over because it is also a process, it is not an event.”

via Miraya FM