Hip Hop artist, Moni Maniak is not a man to run away from a fight or pull shots at anyone in the industry.
Spoiling for fights or beef seems to be his cup of coffee or perhaps his strongest suit.

Today, he had the balls to take on a fellow rapper One Pound, calling him a jealous dog who need to respect the master (referring to himself as the master.)

“My advice to ONE POUND.. Don’t complain like a bitch. You know me very well. I’m the hip-hop iron fist in South Sudan. I’m the reason why people listen to your music. I hustle everynight and day to make people believe in hip-hop. And you are just a sleeping dog dreaming to been the best hip-hop artist in South Sudan,” he fired.

The controversial rapper who is know for his trap kinda Hip Hop made the remarks after One Pound made a statement on social media calling himself the Best Hip Hop artist in South Sudan.

One Pound, known for his Juba Arabic lyrics has not respond to the controversial rapper