Yori Thiong, popularly known by her stage name Yori Yori has announced her resignation from the music industry to focus on her “business”.
This was revealed by the Canada base artiste who sings mainly in Dinka language. In a short video that made rounds on social media, the singer says that she is ‘fed up.’
In his words, the furious Yori Yori said:
“I am sick and tired…what is wrong with you people…and so what if I am pregnant.I quit music, I don’t give a sh*t anymore about music.”

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The singer who is a single mother warns people to leave her alone and not mind her business and who she or what she ‘sleeps’ with.
Some social media users close to Yori Yori are alleging that the singer resigned to take care of her pregnancy who her close friend Amac Don is allegedly responsible for.