South Sudan renown dancehall artist, Yogo Man is mourning the passing on of his mother.

According to a close friend to Yogo Man, the singer’s mother succumbed to illness early this week.

“Yogo Man is deeply saddened by the loss of his beloved mother,” Yogo’s friend told Hot in Juba.

Sources close to the artist, says that Yogoman mother has been battling sickness for some

“He has been undergoing treatment for 3 years. He put up a good fight for his life. The Almighty has lifted the burden off his shoulders,” he revealed.

Yogo who has been away from the limelight is known for his Jamaican-styled raps. He is the talent behind major hits like Bubble Fi Mi, Fixing Love that have rocked Juba for years among others

We condoled with Yogoman, family, and friends, urging them to remain strong during this tough time.