South Sudanese singer YMO has made a u-turn after announcing that he has quit music.

In a social media post on February 18,2021, The musician announced he is done with music citing personal reasons.
In the post, he even instructed all media houses to delete all his music.

The decision left many fans confused with many advising him not to quit. It seems YMO is a listener and Yesterday he made a public statement stating that he is not quitting music as he stated earlier.

“God’s gift can never be denied .. I got more than 2860 calls and over 3000 messages regarding the decision I made to quit singing and only then I realized that the decision was selfish and besides I couldn’t even handle a week without talking to my guitar .. It’s hard to handle music in this country without a stable fund but it’s harder to let it go .. I’ve been getting interviews from almost everyone I meet even in the restaurant the waitress triggered questioning then many people around started asking me questions .. I then realized that YMO is not just mine alone .. Reading the comments of the music lovers made me think about it again and again .. I truly believe now that its mandatory to complete the mission .. I had to admit defeat against the singer in me .. With all that words can’t describe .. I apologize to all the music lovers and the radio stations TVs and DJs .. And all music stores .. The love I’ve seen is more than enough to continue and finish the journey .. I don’t promise any new music any soon I truly have zero funds and the music doesn’t pay in our country yet but with hope we have every possibility.. And this time I will really sing it with all I have,” he posted.