In the wake of the homosexuality debate on South Sudanese social media this past week, daughter of Sudanese rebel leader Yasir Arman, has now claimed that it is in the history books that Nuer and Azande people of South Sudan were known to have gays among themselves hence people who say that homosexuality is not a South Sudanese ‘thing’ are not saying the truth.

When asked by Hot in Juba to avail the reference in any history book where its written that Nuer and Azande were gays she declined to elaborate further and instead asked our editors to seek help from google.

Sanna Yasir Arman made this claim in her respond to a story published by Hot in Juba about first South Sudanese open gay Mach Nhiany.

Take a look below (please download image to know see full image).

Sanna Arman

Sanna Arman