Politic can be a daunting career in South Sudan especially after the 2013 political crisis. Many have left the political arena or decide to do it partially.

The news reaching our desk alleges that Mabior Garang wants to call it QUIT!.

A source who asked for anonymous alleges that Mabior Garang wants to quit politic to follow what he holds dear to his heart: COOKING.

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As seen from his social media handles Mabior has been actively trying out cooking and sharing his recipes. It is rumored that Mabior never liked politic and it his mom, Nyandeng who pushed him to the politicking world.

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Mabior Garang, a former Ministry has a restaurant along Ministry – Gudele road where he plans to work at.

We at HIJ would love to wish Mabior success if at all he leaves politic for the kitchen.