" /> Writer Mr. Sabuni involved in a fist fight with a soldier

Writer Mr. Sabuni involved in a fist fight with a soldier

Mr Sabuni

One of South Sudanese finest writers and columnist Angolega Moses Sabuni aka Mr. Sabuni and a new boyfriend to singer Neetah Baby was seen exchanging blows with unidentified army lieutenant in the suburb of Juba city last week, HIJ has learned.

Its believed this came as a result of his post on a given article about an arms embargo.

Before the fight, Mr Sabuni made a Facebook post which could have possibly landed him in a problem. He talked about unnamed army LT but we couldn’t confirm whether it is the soldier who he dissed on FB was the one who confronted him.

“Ask yoself why Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of AK-47 is six feet down? If u think u can scare me because of yo ragish gun, u must b joking! SPLA isn’t yo grand fathers party to limit yo madness, u don’t no what some of us go thru 4u to rejoice the ranks u have, i hear say Lt. what…??? Since yo a Lt., blood thirsty and manufacturing yo own Oxygen then come n kill me. Am waiting for you. Nonsense”

Luckily the two gentlemen were men enough not to involve an AK47 in their fight. They exchanged few blows before passers-by could intervene to separate the fight.

It appeared no injuries were sustained according to our source.

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