A member of parliament said she will not apologize to the Vice President Taban Deng over an impending defamation lawsuit.

Over the weekend, Vice President for Infrastructure Cluster, Taban threatened to sue a member of the lower house, Honorable Mary Ayen, for a libel.

Hon. Ayen represents Ruweng Administrative Area at the Council of States.

In an article published on the 25th of May, 2020, Hon. Ayen accused Vice President Taban Deng of involvement in attacks against civilians in the area.

However, lawyers representing the Vice President said the article was intended to tarnish the image and ridicule the vice president.

Taban Deng demanded that Hon. Ayen apologizes within seven days or face legal proceedings.

He also asked her to declare publicly that her claims were false, and make sufficient apology for her actions.

But in an exclusive interview, the legislator insists she will not apologize because she raised the issues on behalf of her constituents.

She said the people underground will prove the evidence.

“I am not going to apologize, he [Taban] is threatening to take me to court if I did not apologize, and I have nothing to apologize, something that I will not do,” Hon. Ayen said.

“It depends on the Vice President, he said that in seven days if did not apologize that they will take me to court, so I will not apologize.”

“I am a representative of the people and all that I have said is what I received from the people. I have nothing that I created on my own, so that was the situation that took place at home. I normally follow up if something happened or I go myself to the ground.”

“It depends on the Vice President, if they want to take me to court then all the evidence will be provided by the people because they are the witness but I have nothing myself.”

The MP claimed that Ruweng Administrative Area has been facing insecurity since the signing of the revitalized peace agreement in 2018.

Via Eye Radio