While filming a documentary on his music at Nyakuron market last week, WJ “the King of Lokwilili Kingdom” took time to perform his song “peace” to a group of onlookers and fans who gathered around him.

In the midst of his acoustic performance an elderly woman who was standing in front of the singer couldn’t hold back her tears. The singer said the woman’s tears shows how badly peace and reconciliation in needed in the country.

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In a picture captured and circulated on social media the singer is seen with a guitar kneeling down in front of the woman as he performs the song “peace”.

WJ has recently announced free peace concerts aimed at uniting and reconciling war divided South Sudanese communities.

See the photos and listen to the song below:

WJ and gathering

WJ carries baby

WJ and kid

“She shed tears when I performed the song called Peace. I don’t want to sing songs that make anybody cry but because of the situation we are in I can’t stop calling for peace until we achieved real peace then we can sing all the love songs that we want to hear.” Said WJ.

Woman shed tears

WJ – Peace: