South Sudan has a number of music promoters, but there is no promoter like Rockstar Promotion CEO, Promoter Sam.

When Sam took a break from the entertainment scene to handle personal matters, other promoters tried to fill the void he left. A challenging task, proving that Sam is a promoter of a different breed.

Now, he has swung back with a one-of-its-kind music event – Ruka Music Festival to reclaim his throne.

Ruka Music Festival will be the first musical event in the country that will headline curated A-list South Sudanese entertainers while the main star of the event will be US-based South Sudanese award-winning DJ, producer, and singer, Torit Lorya popularly known as Dynamq.

Dynamq is a known entertainer especially in the DJ sounds-clash world, where he is known for his witty duplates and unmatched ‘crocodile’ energy on the stage. He has won a number of trophies after humbling renowned sound clash DJs across the world.

He is expected to stage a phenomenal show in Juba in a few weeks. This event will officially mark Promoter Sam return to the entertainment scene, he once ruled.

The event slated for December 3rd will headline some of your favourite South Sudanese musicians like Silver X, Lady Kola, MT7, WJ De King, Hardlyfe Avenue, Lul Simon, the youngest comedian in the country – Comedian Kiden, Betty Toni among others.

Promoters in the country have been accused of promoting foreign talent but Promoter Sam is about to change that with Ruka Music Festival. The event will feature strictly Junubin musicians and entertainers, giving you a chance to support local talent in the country.
Promoter Sam while speaking to Hot in Juba, disclosed that the industry has not been the same since he exited the music scene to focus on different things.

“I am a different type of Promoter whose record speak for itself and therefore a lot of things where not going on well. Too much divisions and that’s not my style. My mission has always been unity of the entertainment industry. Hence my return,” Promoter Sam said.

The event hosted by the funniest South Sudanese comedian – Akau Jambo will be on 3rd December from 10am at Nyakuron Cultural Center and on 4th December at De Space Lounge along Ministry Road.