Willy Entertainment manager and radio presenter Dan Hytes was robbed at gunpoint last weekend by unknown armed men while he was leaving after hanging out at a popular nightclub in Atlabara.

The manager said he escaped death by a whisker after he begged the attackers not to take his life but instead take with them anything they wanted from the manager. The said gunmen were armed with pistols. They took his valuables including his watch, mobile phone and an unknown amount of money.

Confirming this, the manager who doubles as a radio presenter and master of the ceremony went ahead and posted what transpired that night on his Facebook page which stated, “Pleading for my life under a gunpoint and watch them remove my valuables is my worst experience in Juba. My special thanks goes to D Jay Richy of capital FM for his hospitality last night and Pro Willy for your kind support this morning.”

His friends and fans also went ahead to console him about the night’s happenings as well as condemn the immoral act against humanity. On a Facebook reply, the radio personality added that the armed gunmen strangled his throat as they robbed him of his valuables.

He has since sought medication from the injuries he sustained from the armed men though the events that transpired that night will still remain clear in his memory as he termed it as his worst experience in Juba. It still remains unclear what the intentions of the armed gunmen were.

Dan Hytes is the manager of Juba’s top entertainment company Willy Entertainment. He is a young experienced Juba based South Sudanese in the field of radio presentation, radio production, radio content developing and he is also a well-known master of ceremony. He is popularly known as MC DH. He has worked with Radio One 87.9 FM while running a program called “The Late Date with Dan Hytes” as well as Radio Jonglei 95.9 FM.

Willy Entertainment is Juba’s top Entertainment Company which focuses on managing musical artists, event management, promotions as well as campaigns.