Music promotion company Willy Entertainment says they are surprised by upcoming singer’s move to quit the label. Upcoming singer known as Tvavy da Tablet on Saturday took to social media to announce her exit from Willy Entertainment without giving any reason.

Willy Entertainment responded in a statement saying they did all they could to help nurture the singer’s budding career but were rather surprised by her move because she didn’t officially inform the management.

“We are not aware of what necessitated her move, until now [since] the singer didn’t officially complain her grievances to the management,” the company’s statement reads.

Tvavy was on a 12-months contract with Willy Entertainment but decided to end the deal half-way. Willy Entertainment has however said the singer’s decision could legally implicate her since it’s a breach of the agreement she signed with the company.

“Her move contradicts the terms of the agreement we signed with her and could lead to legal implications,” the company said.

The singer who now stays in Kampala under her short-lived contract with Willy Entertainment has done her first ever video production and recorded 3 singles.

Sources at Willy Entertainment says the company has accepted her decision and wishes her success in her career.