With the formation of transition government looming, it is rumored that celebrate South Sudanese rapper, Rapper Hotdogg will be nominated as the new minister of youth & sport ether at local or national level.

Rapper Hotdogg, an active member of People’s Liberal Party(PLP) has been spotted meeting senior government officials in Juba.

“Hotdogg is actively lobbying for a ministerial position and that’s why he putting a lot of his energy in meeting senior government officials from both state and national government,” a source in Juba told HIJ.

The singer has refused to answer our questions when we contacted him to enquire on the matter.

“Y’all Hot in Juba, need to chill off my back!…I aint got thing to tell y’all,” Rapper Hotdogg

Rapper Hot Dogg joins the ranks of Lam Tungwar and Garang Malong, a former member of Coozos Clan to become the third musician to become a minister if he will be appointed.