Musician Lam Tungwar was appointed minister of Youth, Culture and Sports for Unity State by Caretaker governor Dr. Nguen Monytuil on Tuesday.

It’s not clear if Lam will cut off his dreadlocks after the appointment to a political post in the state given the perception elderly South Sudanese have about young people with dreads. The youth with dread locks are often called ‘niggas’ or ‘thugs’.

In 2011, Jok Madut Jok was forced to cut off his long dreadlocks after he was appointed as undersecretary in the ministry of culture.

Lam is the director of Nyakuron Cultural Centre and chairman of the annual Miss Malaika beauty pageant. It is also not clear who Lam will leave at the helm of these two institutions as he prepares to assume his duties as minister of youth in Unity State.

Now the question is should Lam cut off his dreadlocks?