Marriage is the best thing for a man and a woman but marrying a South Sudanese woman above 35 years is suicidal. Unlike other countries where women don’t have multiple partners as they advance in age, the case here is different. As a man, there are several factors to consider, age being one of them. In this article, we shall outline various reasons you should avoid women above 35 years.

  1. Good women are married before 30

Immediately a woman completes form four, she will start dating and by the age of 30 she has already had more than 20 boyfriends. Among these boyfriends, there are a couple of them who were seriously considering marrying her. It’s hard for them to drop her if she is a wife material

By age 35 a woman has seen it all, she is not a youth anymore. It means that at this age no single man found her suitable for marriage.

  • She hides her true character

Since this woman desperately needs a man, she tends to hide her true character so as to get married and settle as fast as possible. A mature lady knows how to arm-twist a man into marrying her. This woman can hide her true character for up to 5 years so as to achieve what she wants then she starts showing her true colours. You will regret why you married her.

A girl aged between 18-28 will rarely hide her character because she isn’t so desperate.

  • There is a reason why she isn’t married

Even if she is extremely beautiful, you’ll find that there is something strange with her which scares men. No serious man will drop a good woman unless she has some insecurity or some strange behavior that puts off good men.

  • She will probably have dump children

Research shows that as a woman advances in age, there are high chances she will give birth to dump children. Women at age 18 to 30 will give birth to intelligent children but the older ones will even struggle to give birth.

  • A lot has happened in her life

This woman has seen it all, she has dated a dozen men, she has even procured abortion, dumped several men. What you will get is probably not fresh. You might marry her and later regret.

  • She will age faster

Women age faster than men. When she is 35 years it means she has less than 20 years to become old and tired. It’s better to marry a much younger woman so as to have more active years with her.