By the Concerned Citizens
Dearest President Kiir;
In 2017, Sir, you decreed in Dr. Chol Deng Thon Abel as the Managing Director of Nilepet Corporation Ltd. The jubilations were felt across juba that the appointment of a PhD holder into the post was a great relieve to the people of South Sudan in General, little did they know that the so-called Dr.

Chol Deng was a PhD holder in water, waste, and hydro-engineering not PhD holder in Petroleum management. This was immediately reflected when he, Dr.Chol Deng Thon Abel, quickly became twins with corruption, mismanagement, bribery, physical fights with employees in Nilepet premises, promotion of prostitution in Nilepet and above all daily rotting of management in Nilepet.

This has forced the concerned citizens to come out and address to you what every B to Z in J1 premises do not tell you Your Excellency. Your Excellency, we write this message to you because we love you and your leadership. It is because of your love for this nation that you have signed peace so that suffering can be put to an end in the country. The concerned citizens thank you for bringing peace in the country. But the suffering will not end if you continue working with thieves like Dr Chol at Nilepet Corporation.

Your Excellency everything in Nilepet from the gate to mataab bita MD Chol Deng is rotten. Your Excellency the Nilepet makes lot of money that can help provide services in education, roads and hospitals. Your Excellency this money is being taken by Dr Chol every day, every week, every month and at the end of the day, President which is yourself is the chief victim of all mistakes and ineffective management being done by people like Dr Chol
Your Excellency; today 2nd April 2, 2019 the concerned citizens have taken up the initiative to tell you every A to Z in J1 do not want to tell you about mischiefs at Nilepet corporation. Every second people lie to you about Chol Deng because they meet him in dark corners of juba and come back to feed you with lies that Chol Deng is performing. Your Excellency, you need to put question mark on whoever comes to defend Chol to you? Nilepet is something else as the concerned citizens write to you. Everything is messed. Please review your faith in the young man Chol Deng.
Mr. President, here are the reasons why you should sack Chol Deng Thon from Nilepet;

  1. Nilepet Bank Account has been totally depleted by Chol Deng Thon. Mr. President, one of the worst rot at Nilepet under Chol Deng is the depleting of the Nilepet’s bank account. This is not being told to you by Chol Deng and his supporters. Has Chol Deng ever told you what amounts of money are in the Bank account of a national oil body? No! Mr. President Nilepet is facing a bigger crisis of bankruptcy. Today April 2, 2019, Nilepet bank account stands at less than $200,000 (less than two hundred thousand US dollars). In other oil producing nations, the worst depletion of national oil company should be at least $ 500 million Dollars. In Nigeria, the national oil company is in reserves of billion dollars. Here in South Sudan, your MD of national oil company has depleted the account to less than -$200,000 dollars. And still they tell you that he is the best MD. This is an insult to your wisdom Mr. President. Sack him, he has corrupted the institution. The effect of such corrupting of national oil company is the increasing inflations in the market because reserve account of Nilepet is totally depleted at your watch Mr. President. The concerned citizens are not happy with big misconduct.
  2. Environmental damage and suffering of Citizens in oil-producing areas. Mr President, the other ugly things they are not telling you is environmental damage and worsening health hazards that have negatively affected the innocent citizens in the oil-producing areas for example in Ruweng, Melut and Parieng. What MD Chol Deng has been good at all these 2 years plus has been traveling to Dubai but not oil fields to check on the safety standards of oil companies in the producing areas.
    Mr President, the following pictures can indicate the extent of what your people in the oil-producing areas in Ruweng are going through in silence. They decided to suffer in silencebecause they support you and honor your revolutionary struggle. These pictures and the suffering they are undergoing could have made them to join rebels but they said no; Ruweng, Tharjath, Parieng etc cannot rebel against their beloved and humble president in you Your Excellency, the pictures below speak for themselves on environmental crisis in Ruweng, Parieng and other oil producing areas in Upper Nile. Your people are suffering at the negligence of oil bodies such as Nilepet and the highly advertised minister aka Mr. Booming. Mr. president, do your people deserve these sufferings just because of individuals whom you have entrusted, forgot and can only advertise themselves on social media that they are the best MDs and Minister of Petroleum.
  3. The claim of building Nilepet Headquarters. Mr. President, the news of Nilepet headquarters building has been fed into your good ears for the last two years by Chol Deng. The project which was started by former MD Thelweng Mathiang was hijacked by Chol Deng as a source of clinging onto power at Nilepet to continue with his mismanagement. He has skillfully designed it in such ways that more time is spent without works at the site and works only start when he wants to advertise himself on SSBC in order for you to see that he is really working for the last two years. Chol Deng is mocking your wisdom so terribly. Mr. President, Nilepet headquarters is the fake news you have ever lived since you started being a president. Mr. President; to prove to you that Nilepet Headquarters is a joke of the century, you need to look at Pyramid building which was started last year and it is now an international hotel in Juba. The headquarters of Nilepet has two years of building and not even a foundation is completed. The pyramid hotel got finished within months into its start of building.
  4. Staff mistreatment and physical bullying at Nilepet premises by MD. The other news which Chol Deng is not telling is that he has turned Nilepet into a physical fighting ground.Every employee that disagrees with Chol Deng on administrative matters is locked up into his office for Chol to fight with him or her. This is harassment of South Sudanese citizens. Chol Deng no longer conducts meetings in halls, your Excellency. He has brought in a new culture of parades at nilepet and talks abusively like a rebel general in Somalia or Taliban or in boko aram stronghold in Nigeria.
  5. Your Excellency, you are a witness to the Barh El Ghazal road Chol Deng claimed he was constructing. You bear us the witness that Chol designed it for his own interests when you visited BEG region.
  6. No staff salaries for 4 months now. There is a big financial crisis in Nilepet and staffs have not been paid for months at Nilepet.
  7. Abuse of SPLM/SPLA veterans. Mr President, one of your advisors, who is a war veteran, looked for Chol Deng for months and Chol doesn’t pick his calls. This is saddening, Your Excellency. What is the fate of your elderly bush comrades Mr President if Nilepet MD who didn’t fire a single at a rabbit leave alone Arabs, cannot even attend to them or even pick their calls to listen to them?
  8. Fuel stabilization in the market. Your Excellency, the other one which Chol Deng is not telling you is that the stable prices of fuel products in the market has been because of Trinity Energy Ltd. Nilepet has not done anything to make fuel prices stable. If there is anyone whom you want to thank for stable fuel prices, then you need to thank the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Hon. Salvatore Garang Mabiordit, Trinity Energy Ltd and the capable undersecretary Hon Mayen Wol Jong plus security organs but not Nilepet. Nilepet did nothing to make fuel available in Juba.
    Chol went to lie to you last week that the fuel shortages experienced recently in Juba were because of liberalization of the fuel products. This is falsehoods. If it was because of liberalization of the petrol market was the cause of the shortages, Trinity Energy tanks that were immediately dispatched in could not have saved the situation.
    In fact Mr President, it was Trinity Energy that saved the nation last week but not Nilepet.
    When you hear of fuel crisis again, invite the Trinity Energy Ltd to explain to you what is happening in the market, they will tell you the correct situations on the ground.
    Your Excellency, MD Chol Deng is a big joke to your Regime
    BY Peter Maluil A. Majok. 107- Juba. For the Concerned Citizens

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