Junubin were all set for the Konshens concert which was suppose to be on 29th (last night) of August at Home & Away but much to their disappointment, the hyped show was canceled.

The show was going to be the Jamaican musician first concert in South Sudan but unfortunately the show was canceled and pushed back to October according to the organisers.

The Australia based show organiser DJ MG, said the reason was the recent announcement by the government to shut Juba International Airport on Weekends to give room for airport rehabilitation and expansion of the runway.

Konshens was to perform in Uganda on Friday and fly to Juba on Saturday where he was scheduled to perform at Home and Away. This couldn’t happen because of the airport closure on Saturdays and Sundays.

MG explains:

“As you probably heard that he was performing with Busy signal in Kampala on Friday. Then we were meant to fly to Juba on Saturday. He flies off to Europe on Sunday. We tried to get private jet to and out on Sunday, but security clearance was said to take up to 2 weeks. There is no way an artist like Konshens could accept to use the road knowing the current situation of our country. So, now we are left with no choice but to make him come back and perform in week day. We are currently working around October as he’s back to perform in Harare in mid October,” MG explained to Hot in Juba.

DJ MG said the event cost him whooping $70,000.

“I don’t care what they say about my homeland. I will continue pushing more international entertainments to our home. This show was paid off full. So it will happen no matter what. Everything including flight for 8 people and promo. Artist payment is $70,000.

I don’t care, as long as it happens. That’s my motto. And more entertainment for our young nation. Is the key. Our people are depressed. They need more fun and exciting things to keep them going. Music and sports brings everyone together,” MG said.