We all know South Sudan is a young nation which came into existence in 2011 after succession from Sudan. Being a new country, there was need to develop and grow everything from the scratch. The comedy industry of South Sudan is still at it’s embryonic stage.

In the early years of 2000s cracking a joke about a certain tribe in South Sudan would make you swallow a bullet. But now things have changed gradually thanks to the brilliant minds behind Kilkilu Ana Comedy Extra, the first ever South Sudanese stand-up comedy show.

It was started by singer MC Lumoex in a small meeting hall of Lamac Hotel in Nimra Talata. There were only very few comedians like Dilly Dollas, Galaxy Smokey and few others. I remember attending one of the shows. I can say it was very hard for these fellas to make me laugh. The jokes were basic children jokes known to everyone.

A friend and a comedian told me it was very hard telling a joke about a tribe since people would take it serious and personal and would want to storm the stage to protest why their tribe was being ridiculed.

Few months went and the audience of Kilkilu began to enjoy the jokes. The people attending the show grew in numbers and it was moved to Nyakuron Cultural Centre’s auditorium which could accommodate a larger audience. This time more comedians began to register for the show and it was a boom!

I had my phone’s reminder set to remind me every Thurday evening to attend the show. I even developed interest in comedy and one night I believed I should try being a comedian only to be stopped by my friend Dexfont. Those were the days, the show is now two years old. Many comedians have come up even for the first time in South Sudanese history Kilkilu Ana gave birth to modern female stand-up comedienne and that is non other than Shirandula.

But one thing one thing for sure, if all couldn’t agree with me maybe a handful people would second this. The show has become boring. The comedians have ran out of jokes. Don’t get me wrong. I do not blame them. As a common practice all over the world, any comedy show would break for some time and come back with a new season filled with fresh ideas and jokes from the comedians. Even those televised comedy shows like Churchill Show in Kenya have been going on breaks and that’s why it’s on its 5th Season now.

So as an advice to my brother MC Lumoex and his team give the comedians a break. They will come back with funniest jokes ever!

Johnny Masura is a Junubin upcoming writer – Can be reached only on his Facebook (John Masura)