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Why is that our Junubin men would rather see a girl in a low cut top than a short skirt in Juba? What is it about legs that makes them so uncomfortable?

Let’s think about that for a moment and while you are at it, let me share one of my experiences with my fashion choices while I was in Juba not too long ago.

Above is my photo in one of the dresses I wore while I was in Juba. It’s about 4 inches above the knee and perfect that day’s weather I thought. The shouting started as me and my cousin got to a bus stop at Gudele (block 1 to be exact) but I didn’t pay attention to them as they have wanted.

We were headed to Juba Day secondary school, but before we got there, a lady approached me and said what I was wearing was inappropriate for a day time and that I should save that dress for a night out. At that moment I was starting to lose my patience. I mean as if the men humiliation wasn’t enough now a woman. My cousin just kept reminding me to not give them the satisfaction by answering them back and I took her words to heart.

We finally got to the school and of course everyone was looking at me like I was from a different planet. But that wasn’t the worse. After waiting in the line, we got into the lounge/waiting area before you go to the head master’s office and there was a man sitting across from me. I decided to wait out while my cousin went in to speak with the Head Master.

We all sat there quietly for less than 5 minutes before the gentleman looked at me and asked, if I go to the school? I said no, but my cousin does and am just waiting for her. Then he proceeded; you have to wait outside? I was stunned and asked why? Because of what you are wearing, he said. What’s wrong with what I am wearing, I asked? He said, it’s disrespectful and I really should get out of the office.

At that point, I just told him, you know what I have a right to sit and wait here just like you do. We went back and forth for a bit before my cousin got out and saved me from saying other things.

For the whole month and a half I stayed there, I couldn’t go out without getting humiliated or had to fight men with words on the streets because I couldn’t take that kind of disrespect from anybody. I see young women (women in general) walking around in a very low cut tops and no man would say a word which brings me to out main question up top.

Junubin men please explain yourselves because I, as a Junubia/a South Sudanese woman wants to know. What is it about short skirts that makes some of you so uncomfortable? And not only that, what is wrong with a woman showing a little skin?


Estella Achola Lokiru is a Hot in Juba’s fashion blogger and currently lives in Calgary, AB, Canada.
“I am a model, fashion stylist and the fashion designer behind a brand named EJR by Estella Lokiru (you can find me on Facebook and Instagram). EJR is a contemporary brand which I started last year after my visit to Juba including the orphanage home. EJR donates 20% of all proceeds to help those children at the orphanage and I am planning to reside in Juba again in the next few years.”
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