Allegations by a whistleblower claim that NilePet Cashier, Ring Charles Mayen is extravagantly spending money that he seems to be acquiring through corrupt practices at the institution.

According to one story, he was spotted with a bundle of 10,000 USD at South Sudan Hotel one Friday night dishing out $100 dollar bills to people at the table.

There are many of his corrupt tales but the most unbelievable is one that claims he bought two girls Harrier cars and has promised to buy for 3 more girls who are attending driving schools at the moment.

According to an insider who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the matter, Ring Charles is said to be giving money out to people visiting his office, most of the time at least 50,000 ssp and some people dollars has made lots of pledges in community functions especially his community where he funded women association in Egypt.

Cashier Ring Charles Mayen gets a monthly basic salary of 600 dollars, so one wonders where he gets the money that he’s spending extravagantly.

We have reached out to Ring Charles to comment on these serious corruption allegations but our calls went unanswered.