For quiet some time now nothing has been heard from the ‘First Lady’ Queen Zee who was arguably South Sudan’s most popular female singer in the past few years.

Her last song was ‘One Nation‘ released in 2014 about South Sudan’s War. Online news website Talk of Juba in 2014 ran a story of Queen Zee’s detention by security personnel alleging that she was accused of being a leader of deadly armed gang in Juba. Since then nothing has been heard about the ‘Galbi Gi Waja‘ hitmaker, whose real name is Zahara Angela.

Hot in Juba has exclusively learned that Queen Zee has been behind bars in Juba for alleged involvement in organised crimes in the city.

Most notable case being the killing of Mustafa Acuil Tito who was killed last year. Mustafa’s tycoon brother Tong Tito was also accused in this same murder case but was controversially set free after the then minister of interior Aleu Ayieny ordered his release.

Our first source alleged that Queen Zee was the leader of the gang hired to eliminate the son of the former police IG who was killed and set on fire in his V8 in December 2013.

Another source speaking to HIJ on condition of anonymity said Queen Zee was framed and didn’t not commit any crime. Asked why he thinks Queen was framed, he said “This is what I don’t know. But it could be someone close to Queen Zee who was invloved in criminal activities.”

The third source alleged that he once had an encounter with a ‘thug’ who claimed the singer was their ring leader at the Nile Secret lounge.

Our efforts to reach the prison authorities to talk to the musician through phone to find out details of her court process were rendered futile after we were warned by the officer we talked to. The officer said the musician was implicated in high profile crime case.

Sources tell us that some of the gang members who implicated Queen Zee are on death row and some could be hanged for deadly armed robberies in the city.

Queen Zee has one kid who is now left with grandmother.