Styled by Estella

Since it was asked my a female, I am going to start with the ladies looks. We all know how important job interviews are and how the first impression we give speaks volume. From our body language, how we speak and on top of all that pressure, now add how we put ourselves together and dressed.

My style tips:

1. Consider what kind of profession it is you are applying/being interviewed for and then choose what to wear. Suit or no suit? A beautiful dress or a fashion forward look?
2. Like they say “Put your best foot forward”, you wanna look your best but it should be you and comfortable.
3. Know your body type and find styles, cuts and silhouettes that works for the type of body that you have. The better you look, the better you feel and exudes that confidence.
4. Also important is how old you are. Fashion is suppose to be fun. Just because it’s a job interview doesn’t mean you have to look old.
5. For retail associates speaking from experience, suits aren’t necessary. They want to see your individual style for your style says a lot about you like, how you’d style customers? You are going to be first face customers see as they walk into the store and how you dress can either make them want you to style/help them or not.

Styled by Estella Acholla
6. Your suit doesn’t necessarily have to be BLACK and it must not only be a pant suit, it can be a skirt suit or a dress & blazer. For the longest time that I’ve been in retail, most (almost all) customers go for black suits. If you are afraid to wear a blue, green… suits, you have dark grey or navy suits. As for tops, prints and colours are great way to make that black, navy or dark grey suit pop.
7. Keep your hair/makeup clean and simple. It’s a job interview.
8. SHOES!! My favourite! Has got to a dress please. Options: pointy toe heels or flats, you can do a round toe/open toe, and nice wedge for those who likes the height but can’t do heels.
9. Size. The most important part of looking clean and sharp is wearing the right size clothes and shoes as well. Clothes that are big for you makes you look lazy and sloppy. You don’t want to project that kind of first impression.

Last but not least, fashion is suppose to be fun so, go ahead and have some fun. Don’t be afraid to show your unique style to the world. Below is some inspirations.

“Style is a way of saying who you are without speaking”


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