The death toll of Monday’s uprising in Wau detention facility has risen to 5 after two more people died later.

On Monday, a total of 29 prisoners broke off the prison and grabbed guns from the prison wardens at Wau Central Prison and opened fire on the other prison guards killing two on spot and one other was injured..

The inmates scattered to different directions of Wau town.

Some of them were seen running to Wau Teaching Hospital and the State Ministry of Health-about 500 meters from the central prison, according to eyewitness.

The incident caused fear and panic within the town as many people vacated Jou market in Wau-the largest market in Wau town.

Among the deceased, two were prison officers and the other three were inmates.

“The total number of deceased who lost their lives due to this incident have now totaled to 5, among them are 2 prison officers and three inmates who ran off the prison on Monday,” he said.