Deng Manyuon, a South Sudanese living in Louisville, United States is has been shot dead by a police officer.

Manyuon  got into an altercation on Oak street with a white police officer, Nathan Blandford on Sunday.

According to police surveillance video, officer Blandford was seen getting out of the car and talking to Manyoun, who then walks out of the picture but re-emerges seconds later with a flagpole and swings it down near Blanford, striking the squad car. Manyuon then exited the camera point of view.

Blanford was then seen drawing his revolver –and fires his pistol. Mr. Manyoun was then seen falling to the sidewalk outside Smoker’s Smoke Shop on Fourth Street.

Manyoun was rushed to University of Louisville Hospital, but later died at 3 p.m as a result of gunshot wounds.

The reason for the confrontation before Manyuon was shot was not immediately clear.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad claimed Officer Nathan Blanford acted in self-defense when he shot Deng Manyoun, whom the chief said had a “dangerous instrument.”

Mr. Conrad says officer Blandford has been put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation of the shooting.

Meanwhile, activists who met Sunday afternoon to discuss the incident questioned officer Blanford’s use of force.

Organizer Chanelle Helm said she and others want to know why Blanford “did not use other weapons on his belt,” such as “a Taser, mace, or his baton.”

Helm said the officer’s reaction could be understood if Manyoun was “a criminal with a gun.”

Via TalkofJuba