Rapper Wal Wal was jailed last week following accusations that he has an affair with a wife of unnamed senior government official.

The rapper spoke to Talk of Juba after he was released from the detention. He explained that the people who got him arrested were using old Facebook images as evidence of him having a fling with a married woman.

He said the woman was his girlfriend before she got married to the said government official and that they took pictures before the girl got married.

He was released without charges after a week detention in Juba. He said he will delete the pictures from his Facebook albums. Wal Wal declined to mention the name of government official in question because he fears repercussions.

Wal Wal, the self proclaimed ‘King of Dinka Flow’ is known for his comical Dinka rap songs and he is popular among Dinka speakers.


via: Talk of Juba