Vice Pres. Wani Igga kneels down before community chiefs in Bor as he begs them to convince their youths to stop fighting and return home for a peaceful dialogue. Wani was appointed by Pres. Kiir to head an investigation committee in to the conflict.

President Salva Kiir tasked Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga to resolve the ongoing conflict in Jonglei state and Greater Pibor Administrative Area.

There are reports of violent clashes continuing in Pibor Administrative Area following attacks by armed youth from greater Jonglei.

Fighting in Akobo County and Jalle Payam of Jonglei, Gumuruk County of Pibor Administrative Area have resulted in the death and displacement of civilians.

Most of the remote areas have continued to experience communal and tribal violence, mainly caused by cattle raiding, child abduction, and grazing land.

Dr. Wani Igga will lead a 13-member high-level committee to conduct meetings with elders from Jonglei and Pibor Administrative Area to contain the security situation there.

The committee is expected to also identify the root causes of inter-communal violence and organize a peace conference between communities in the areas affected.