Clienteles subscribed to Vivicell internet bundles are accusing the telecom company of dishonesty and “sticking-them-for-their-paper” while using internet.

Those who spoke to HIJ say, if you purchase mebibytes (MBs) from Vivacell at a certain amount, the MBs do not last the expected time of usage when browsing the internet.

Jacob Mabior who has been using Vivicaell since 2008 said the company’s internet is unreliable and once activated, his credit runs out fast.

“I often subscribe to 70MBs which is supposed to last 24hours, but their internet is so slow and they continue to deduct the bundles even without me using it,” says Mabior.

Another subscriber Wani Lolik told HIJ that the most frustrating part of using Vivacell’s internet is that they charge you beyond the time limit, even if you are not using the internet.

“If your MBs are expired and you leave the internet icon on -on your phone, they will continue to deduct your credit or airtime even if you are not using the internet,” said Lolik, who was visibly angry.

Unlike in the neighboring countries, Vivacell charges SSP 1.5 for using their internet if you don’t subscribe to MBs.

But telecom companies in Kenya or Uganda do not charge beyond your subscribed bundles, even if expired.

For instance, MTN in Uganda will notify you that your MBs are expired and recommend that you subscribe to new bundles in order to continue with usage. They do not continue to deduct your airtime money. Same thing with Safaricom in Kenya.

Vivacell however do not stop charging you from your airtime after your bundles expire.