Emma 47 is to remember Zol Batal Music, and to remember Zol Batal Entertainment is to understand and appreciate the life of a young man whose passion for entertainment and the South Sudan music industry surpasses his being.
Emma47 is a friend, a brother and most importantly, a humble and well-calculated fellow. Emma47 is a great listener, and he values another person’s intellect or ideas, whether he agrees with them or not.
I recall, the first time he broke into the industry in 2014… a few months later, the fans acknowledged him as the “Most Promising Artist” of the Year 2014, in Eye Radio Music Award.
Despite taking a back-seat in 2015, Emma47 never saw any bitterness or hate towards others achieving what he could not. He featured in other people’s concerts, and advocated for other artists events.
He attended the launch of the awards in 2015, despite not being nominated, he was there to cheer his colleagues in the industry without reservations, and he rallied friends behind the MTN/Eye Radio Music Awards in 2016.
Emmanuel, as his grandfather would say, and as the Bible would say “God with us; was truly a Friend-For-All. He was always with us!
And as a lyrical messenger who once said in his song ‘Zol Batal’: “leave me alone, cos I was born alone and I will die alone”….we tell Emma47, your spirit, voice and creativity will forever remain crafted into South Sudan Entertainment Industry.
Our heartfelt condolence to the family, and May God grant mercy upon his soul, till we meet again!

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By Danis