Rapper Hot Dogg, an activist, actor, politician and a performing artist teamed up with Dancehall artist PNC to produce “Babul ka Banyop” hit song.

The music video is directed by finest Juba video producers Max and Bol Manas of Studio34.

The video was launched on Saturday at Xclusive Club.

The Song is about  two cousins, namely Dinka (mother name Nyaruop Deang) and Nuer (Nyatuoi Deang) who went hunting and killed a gazelle. Unfortunately; when it came to cooking the gazelle, they had a language differences, so they had a dispute over choice of cooking the gazelle. So Nuer said to his Cousin Dinka that they could roast (babul) the gazelle but his Cousin Dinka disagreed and said that they could just roast (banyop) the gazelle. Which meant the same thing, after the long argument they split the gazelle into half and each walked away separately.

Apart from the great message of peace and unity among Dinka and Nuer people, the video will crack you up by its comical bit towards the end.

“The moral of this song is that we are one people and one nation”, said Hot Dogg