2017 to date seemed to be a saturation time forSouth Sudanese musician. we have seen fewer singles or videos coming from them and that has something to do with the current economic state in the country.

But few musicians are burning the midnight oil to make sure the still on the lime limelight and one of those few hardworking musicians is Ater moniker Cool B. He released his second video of 2018 in less than 2 months.

His latest music video, Party Turned Up, shot in Kenya is definitely going to be a club banger as its all about turning up when yall out with friends and sh** and the South Sudanese vixens in the video turn the sexy all the way up for the video to this track.

Award-winning Cool B went versatile this new music video, he didn’t leave out his East Africa fans as he sings in Luganda and some bits of Swahili.

Watch the video and TURN UP!!!