When we thought he is the funnies politician in South Sudan, Vice president James Wani Igga just got serious by adding a doctorate to his tittle.

Mr Wani was awarded PhD today at Bulacan State University in Philippines after completing his thesis successfully.

Wani sumited his PhD Thesis on March 27, 2017 to the PhD Defense Panel of the Bulacan State University for approval.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy Major in Business Administration, the Vice President H.E. James Wani Igga has successfully defended his PhD Dissertation Proposal.

The thesis was presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School Bulacan State University in the Philippines. The title of the thesis “Improving the Taxation Policy for Business Investors, Both Local and Foreign: The Case of South Sudan.”

Having recognized that South Sudan’s tax contribution to the country’s GDP (Tax to GDP ratio) is the lowest in the region and, indeed, Africa and the world, Igga undertook a four year extensive research on the root causes of this undesirable reality and how it could be corrected.

This was approved on, March 27, 2017, by the PhD Defense Panel of the Bulacan State University.