The US says it is taking action against 15 South Sudanese oil-related companies whose revenues have allegedly contributed to the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.

This comes after the Enough Project and Global Witness named some individuals in the government use oil money to fuel conflict.

According to the US, this action will force the government and companies to show that the country’s oil will benefit its people and not enrich corrupt elites or fuel violence.

“The South Sudanese Government, and corrupt official actors, use this revenue to purchase weapons and fund irregular militias that undermine the peace, security, and stability,” the US said in a statement.

The U.S. and other companies will now need a license to export, re-export, or transfer exports of any U.S.-origin goods or technology to the listed entities.

The companies that have been listed include the state-owned Nilepet, Dar Petroleum, Sudd Petroleum, GNPOC, Nyakek and Sons Ltd, Ascom Sudd Operating Company and Oranto Petrotech.

Others are Nile Drilling and Services, Safina Group, SIPET Engineering and Consultancy, Nile Delta Petroleum Company and DietsmannNile Joint Venture Company.

The Ministry of Petroleum and that of mining are also included.

The US said the listed entities are a source of substantial revenue for the Government of South Sudan.

It said it expects the government, as well as the armed opposition, to fulfill their commitments to IGAD and the people of South Sudan by ceasing “hostilities, allow unimpeded humanitarian access, and pursue a negotiated peace in good faith”.

The US also called on the region and the international community to support the move in limiting the financial flows that fuel the continuing violence in the country.

Source: Eye Radio