South Sudanese online are not happy with United States Embassy in South Sudan for flying the Pride flag in Juba.

The embassy took to social media to commemorate Pride month by posting a picture of the Pride flag flying high at the embassy in Juba.

“For #pridemonth2021 we are proudly flying the Pride flag at U.S. Embassy Juba. This rainbow flag commemorates decades of struggle for equal rights for sexual and gender minorities. It also represents our firm belief in the inherent dignity and equal rights of all people,” the embassy social media handle reads.

The post quickly received criticism with many South Sudanese asking the embassy to take down the post and apologies to South Sudanese.

Many commented on the post asking the embassy to respect South Sudan culture.

“Let me not hear that the same sex, as well as transgender, have equal right also in South Sudan and it’s not allow in our culture we believe only Male and female no others sex beyond that,” Kang Deng commented.

“don’t bring Your nonsense to our country we’re still too traditional. why do you want to expand homosexuality to the world and it’s not everyone’s interest,” another one added.

The post quickly became the topic of discussion among South Sudanese online.

Monychol Akop, a renowned media practitioner in the country called out the US embassy for flying the pride flag in the country.

“The US Embassy in South Sudan is promoting homosexuality. This must be condemned in the strongest term possible by religious groups and government,” Monychol Akop suggested.

Some South Sudanese supported the embassy’s decision to commemorate the pride day.

“We should not act as if LGBTQ does not exist in our communities. At least some countries are giving them rights and as humans, their fundamental rights must be respected. Thank you U.S. Embassy, South Sudan for flying the flag. It will give hope to many who are silently suffering abuse,” one South Sudanese commented.

The Pride flag which is made up of rainbow colors represents the gays commonly known as LGBTI community around the world.