US based upcoming singer Adaway of ‘Sukar Sukar’ fame and his crew Spikeboyz have accused Hiphop artist Lual D’wol popluarly known as LUAL of song theft.

LUAL recently released hit “Juba Is My City” featuring Ray Bullet is the song at the centre of the controversy.

Speaking to Hot in Juba, Jay Tom a member of the group said LUAL’s version of “Juba Is My City” is absolutely a copy of their 2014 track which goes by the same title.

The singer however said they have nothing against LUAL but would wish to make their fans understand that LUAL has indeed copied their song from chorus to the verses.

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On his part rapper LUAL denied having stolen the song. The rapper said went on and said he has never even heard of Spikeboyz.

“Hip hop “duplicate”, as a matter of fact, I’ve never heard of spike Boyz, there music, or that particular song.” The rapper posted on HIJ comments section.

Listen to both versions here and then be the judge!

LUAL’s version:


 Spikeboyz’s version: