The civil affairs division under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has organized inter-state wrestling for peace tournament to take place in Bor.

The acting governor for Jonglei, Dr. Agoot Alier has affirmed a positive note supporting the soon to be wrestling match to take place between Jonglei and Terekake states.

“Wrestling is one of the activities that support unity by bringing  different people together to share socially and interaction for peace building and unity,” Agoot told Gurtong on Friday.

He urges communities to support inter-communal set up in order to breach barriers of peace and unity.

Jonglei and Terakeka states have held quite a number of wrestling matches before, including the last year’s competition, which was won by Terakeka State by 4 -3 against Jonglei State.

The inter-state wrestling for peace tournament is being organized and supported by UNMISS to iron-out cultural grievances among the communities of Bor Dinka and Mundari of Terekake State.

The wrestling for peace tournament is scheduled for 25th January 2019 in Jonglei state at Bor Freedom Square.