The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said Saturday it has arrested a number of suspects in the UN site in connection with the killing of three people in the capital Juba last week.

Three brothers identified as Deng, Kon and Ayuel Muor Deng Kuach were abducted and killed in Juba last week.

The UN mission said that the arrests were made during a search operation in the Protection of Civilians site next to its base in the capital, adding that the arrested suspects and handed over to the South Sudan National Police Service to investigate further.

It further said the operation was carried out to determine whether individuals allegedly involved in the abduction and killing of three people in Juba last week were located within the camp.

“Protection of Civilians sites exist to shelter South Sudanese people who are under imminent and ongoing threat of physical violence and who genuinely fear for their lives,” the UN mission said.

UNMISS will not tolerate people who commit crimes outside and then hide behind women and children who need protection inside the camp,” it added.

The world boy pointed out that actions of a few must not jeopardize the safety of 39,000 vulnerable people, while reiterating its commitment to fulfill its mandate to protect civilians and maintain the safety of displaced people within protection sites.

Via Radio tamazuj