An investigation has found that a UNMISS patrol team started a fire that spread and destroyed property in an area along the Juba-Torit road, said the Governor of Imatong.

Tobiolo Alberio said almost 300 farms and seven houses were set ablaze at the Lowoi village.

17 goats died and a woman sustained injuries during the incident that occurred last month, he said.

Governor Tobiolo said the UNMISS patrol team was attacked by bees and that prompted them to light fire to rescue themselves:

“There was a beehive 2.5 meters away from the road where the convoy had stopped. There the bees start attacking them,” he said.

“There were two soldiers who fell down and the rest were trying to rescue them. As such, it made them set the fire to scare the bees.”

A UNMISS helmet and a matchbox were among the evidence collected by the fact-finding team, added Mr Tobiolo.

He said there were people who also witnessed the incident.

The governor appealed to UNMISS to compensate those affected by the inferno.

However, UNMISS said it has clarified with the Governor that their peacekeepers are not responsible for this incident.

But, it stated in an e-mail to Eye Radio that if the Governor has facts, he can share with UNMISS and it is willing to look into the issue.

Source: Eye Radio