News reaching our desk from Eastern Lakes State alleges that unknown gunmen who are believed to be from state’s national security stormed the residences of three State Assembly members and kidnap them. The kidnapped MPs who are currently being held in unknown location are veteran politicians Hon Marial Amoum malek, Hon Ater Telar the son of late Telar Deyol and Hon Madeu Angong Nek. They have been very controversial in the state politics.

The families members of the kidnapped MPs alleged that the politicians are being held and tortured by the state national security who operating in the state.According to the sources on in the state, the MPs have been very vocals on issues to deals with corruptions looting of resources in the newly created state of former lakes state.

Netizens from Eastern Lakes State are using social media to vent their frustration on how the state’s funds are being misused by individuals in the government.
The state minister of information, Hon Majak Makur was not available for comment on the alleged kidnapping of the MPs