For some reason or another, Emma 47 has been telling his friends that he penned Uncle’s TJ’s Dunia Masabit hit song. The fast rising singer Uncle TJ of “Dunia Masabit” song this week came out fuming and denied having a ghostwriter. He lashed out at fellow musician whom he accused of claiming to have ghostwritten the song ‘Dunia Masabit’.

HIJ contacted Uncle TJ on the matter and he revealed to us that Eye Radio’s promising artist of the year Emma 47 has been spreading lies that he wrote the song for him.

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TJ denied the allegations and said “Emma 47 was telling Kenny, the 360 Media video director that he wrote Dunia Masabit for me. He doesn’t know how to speak Swahili and all my songs are mixed with three languages, Swahili, Arabi Juba and English.”

“I remember he was one of the first people to listen to Dunia Masabit and he liked it and even appreciated me,” he added.

The musician threatens to take matters to court if Emma doesn’t stop ‘demoting’ his music career.

“I will sue him if he doesn’t stop that, he’s demoting my career”

He said he talked to Emma 47 about the issue but he is still telling people the same thing.

“He denied the accusations and he still tells people the same thing.” He said.