The United Nations truck which overturned this morning has been found to be carrying illegal minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo – this has attracted a lot of criticism.

Some critiques argue that since the establishment of the UN mission in the DRC, the UN peacekeepers have not been the exception of having interest in Congolese natural resources.

Among allegations, there are slaughter of elephant and illegal trafficking of natural resources. For that, many evidences have been expressed to denounce the involvement of the UN peacekeepers in the illegal exploitation of Congolese natural resources.

“With evidence of sacks of minerals from a UN vehicle confirms the reason UN’s most expensive peacekeeping Mission is likely not to end any sooner despite scarcity in achievements,” a critique said.

During 2013 conflict in South Sudan, UN consignment of arms and ammo was intercepted by security officials in Rumbek en route to the rebel-held area.