South Sudan’s Civil Society Alliance boss has urged South Sudanese not to panic over the deployment of the Regional Protection Force in Juba saying that the UN forces are in the country for protection of civilians not to invade.

“I want to make it clear to the public that this protection force is not coming to invade South Sudan, they are coming to protect civilians. They are coming with permission from the government of South Sudan. They are coming to help the government; in fact, anything they do will be coordinated with the government,” said Chairperson of the Alliance, Akuoch Agang.

The Civil Society Alliance is appealing to the people of South Sudan to welcome the Regional Protection Force, or RPF – mandated by the UN Security Council.

At a press conference in Juba, the Chairperson of the Alliance, Akuoch Agang Nyanhom said the forces are coming to help provide protection.

He welcomed the deployment and said the civil society will work with citizens to help them understand that the RPF are ‘friendly forces.’

Radio Miraya