Controversial Advisor on peacekeeping, mediation, international sanctions for South Sudan, Klem Ryan had it rough after he posted twitter post that sparked a twitter rant.

Klem, wrote a statement calling President Salva Kiir a “useful idiot,” a remark many South Sudanese on social media didn’t take lightly.

“Kiir gave a rambling, barely coherent speech at the signing in #Khartoum yesterday. He’s no political genius (as some seem to think), he’s merely a useful idiot protected by the region for their own political and economic profit,” Klem posted on twitter account.

The tweet was not taken lightly by most South Sudanese on the platform.

“All the current and former members of the Panel of Experts on South Sudan are idiots not President Kiir. Take your hate back to where you come from. After all we have nothing in common. Your contributions are counterproductive,” Captian Mawien comment.

SSBC TV presenter, Garang John weighed in on the post by calling the government to hold Klem accountable.

“Klem Ryan, you will regret uttering such words if South Sudan is a sovereign state, a country I call home! Continue to unmask your own face and that of the “Int’l organisation” you serve against South Sudan Sir.
Nothing painful like when a “UN expert” on the country you call home describe your own president as a “… useful idiot!”  Garang posted on social media.

The Dawn Newspaper Editor in Chief, Monychol Akop questioned Klem Ryan credibility.

“He calls himself expert and has been hired by the UN to work on programs enhancing peace efforts in South Sudan, and yet this is how experts of the UN in South Sudan expertise their goals. Sad for South Sudan,” Monychol questioned.

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