The Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta has told President Salva Kiir to exert his efforts in providing services to ordinary South Sudanese, rather than emphasize on political comradeship.

President Kenyatta believes South Sudan is spending too much resources on political accommodations and favors instead of providing basic services such as housing, roads, water, electricity and health to the common person.

South Sudanese leaders are expected to form a government of national unity in November by sharing power through the revitalized peace agreement, as a way of ending the five year war.

President Uhuru was speaking at the Kenya’s National Prayer Breakfast Conference attended by Kiir today in Nairobi.

At the event, President Salva Kiir said the quest for power by various leaders in South Sudan has diverted resource meant to develop the country.

He called Kenya and the East African community to help South Sudan overcome its leadership crisis, and embark on the path of development.

“I want you also to pass the same message to your neighbors. South Sudan is one of them, you know that we are fighting in South Sudan up to now amongst ourselves…The result is innocent lives have been lost. I want to back you in that initiate that the president took to bring you two together should also go far to reach us in South Sudan.”

In response, the Kenyan President says those fighting for leadership only serve to hurt the nation.

Uhuru Kenyatta appealed to the South Sudanese leaders to uplift the lives of every citizen, rather than themselves.

“Leadership is not about who is the President but it’s about services to your people and the people of South Sudan desperately need peace in order for them to get services that they fought for many years and Kenya stands ready my brother to work with you and all your colleagues to help the people of South Sudan achieve that long waited for objectives of a strong, united and prosperous South Sudan, and ultimately as you have said we join with Kenya and all other East African countries and become one great nation in the service of God and God’s people.”

President Kiir has been in Nairobi for the last three days where he participated in the UN Habitat’s panel discussion on innovation and urbanization.

Via Eye Radio