The Ugandan government has declared a national decree banning all citizens from paying dowry, this is now a state function and the government has now taken over all payments of dowry as a state function to be headed by a special department in the office of the president. The department will have a special advisor to the president in a bid to ensure all Uganda girls are married.

Speaking at a function, Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo quoting the president noted.

“The president and the NRM government have realized that there are too many single ladies roaming the Ugandan streets and villages, the number is so alarming that we must arrest the situation. Young men are no longer marrying because they can’t afford to pay dowry and bride price. The government therefore as part of its welfare programme has banned the individual payment of dowry which is now officially a state function already allocated funds for. All parents with girls are therefore requested to report to the office of the president to register their children. Offices will be opened in every village where single men about to marry will register the names of their parents so that they can be handed over all necessary items for dowry popularly known in Uganda as ‘Okwanjula’. However, this does not include foreigners marrying Ugandan ladies even in East Africa”

At statehouse in Nakasero, Museveni speaking to his senior officials and military cadres noted..

“As a father of girls, I am annoyed that young men are no longer marrying because dowry is becoming too expensive. This is why the state will pay those bride price and dowry for all Ugandans so that our ladies can be married officially, not staying with men on credit and enjoying them on credit which is very wrong. Our ladies are very beautiful with great figures and faces, surely, why would a man live with another man’s daughter on credit and still enjoy her on credit. We have allocated billions for the National Dowry Programme to be based in my office as the president. ”

According to The Spectator New Desk, this could be a popular move to counter the new national protest calls by opposition chief Besigye. Nonetheless, this is likely to trigger anxiety from the east African region especially Kenya.

via spectator