Position of Twic-Mayardit Community in the Diaspora on the recent conflict between Twic County and the Abyei Special Administration Area in which the citizens of Twic and non-Twic citizens, in Abyei areas, were massacred in cold-blood

Your Excellence,
First, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent presidential decree that ordered the formation of the Abyei-Twic investigation committee led by Vice President Hussein Abdulbagi and to also wish you every success in your endeavors. Equally, we would also like to convey to you our concerns and highlight the major one regarding the crisis of Aneet that led to the merciless killing of Twic County’s citizens and other citizens of South Sudan inside Abyei’s areas.
Your Excellence, the Twic Community Worldwide, namely the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe is shocked by the inhumane atrocities, targeted killings, and continuous violence against the people of the Twic County inside Abyei’s territory instigated by Abyei Chief Administrator, General Kuol Deim, and the wanton acts of cruelty perpetrated by Abyei youth, police, and security forces. The Twic Community in the diaspora has strongly condemned such acts of violence that have claimed the lives of innocents and posed a threat to the peace and security that our people dearly need in Twic County-Warrap State, South Sudan.
Sadly, countless numbers of our people were brutally murdered in the occupied areas of Twic county, Agok, which was allotted ( in 2002) as a camp for Ngok Dinka IDPS during the Sudan-Southern Sudan’s civil war and is now forcefully occupied in the form of civil administration by the Abyei administration and its security forces and the UNISFA. The Abyei-Twic crisis will undoubtedly result in further human suffering and will escalate if not managed immediately and with great care.
IMPORTANT: Your Excellence, within less than one week, a number of our people were targeted and killed in the Abyei areas, defying belief. There have been 178 confirmed killings, with many people still unaccounted for, and the list grows daily. The brutality of Abyei-Twic’s Crisis is both horrific and tragic. Wisdom is required to ensure that these genocidal acts against our people cease and that the situation is peacefully resolved. Only then will the peace, security, and integrity of the suffering people of South Sudan be restored.
In the light of peace, the Twic Community in the diaspora urgently appeals to your good leadership, all authorities of the Government of South Sudan concern, the elders of our communities at large, and all the parties involved in finding a peaceful solution to this crisis.
Your Excellence, a time like this requires forgiveness, wisdom, and courage that surmounts differences and bitterness. Despite the horrific act of Twic-Abyei’s incident that has claimed the lives of our innocent people, we urge you to salvage an immediate and binding peaceful solution to a long-standing conflict. This conflict between Twic and Ngok Dinka of Abyei has culminated into a bitter communal war. Never do we want our people to fall victim to such senseless war-related killings and suffering again.
The sons and daughters of the Twic Mayardit community in the Diaspora grow ever more concerned. The continued atrocities, grave violations of human rights, and targeted killings of our people and other South Sudanese citizens have occurred inside the territory of Abyei and Twic County’s areas occupied by the Abyei Special Administration since Aneet’s communal fighting on February 9th, 2022, between Ngok Dinka of Kordofan-Sudan and Twic Mayardit Community of Bahr El Ghazal-South Sudan.
It is in the spirit of peace, and for the sake of our suffering people that we, the undersigned petitioners, do hereby submit our petition in the hope that your authority will take immediate action with regard to the following APPEALS:
(1) Protection of our citizens and territory: Having learned how our people were brutally killed inside Abyei, we request the deployment of South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) across the boundary between the Abyei Administrative Area of Kordofan—Sudan and Twic county of Bahr El Ghazal—South Sudan in accordance to the Republic of South Sudan territorial definition as stipulated in Article one (2) (a) that states “All lands and air space that constituted three former South Sudan provinces of Bahr El Ghazal, Equatoria, and the Upper Nile in their boundaries, as stood on January 1st, 1956”, amended Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011. The Deployment of the SSPDF across the boundaries between the Abyei Special Administrative Area of Kordofan – Sudan and the Twic County of Bahr El Ghazal, Warrap State – South Sudan will not only protect the Twic-Mayardit Community from Ngok Dinka Youth and the Abyei Independent Brigade, but it will also protect the entire country from the proxy external conflict and aggression of Sudan, perpetuated by the Abyei Administration, whose status remains politically unsettled between Sudan and South Sudan.
(2) Repatriation of Twic’s citizens in Abyei: Equally, we request the repatriation of Twic Mayardit and other South Sudanese citizens who are still stranded inside Abyei following the outbreak of fighting in Aneet. The attack and massacring of our people in their legitimate land, Aneet, by Ngok Youth and Abyei Security was planned by the Abyei Special Administrative Area authorities and the Ngok Dinka politicians. Twic County has records of its citizens who were killed inside the Abyei territory, following the communal fight in Aneet. As a result, relatives in the diaspora possess as proof a list of the people killed in cold blood, including those from other parts of South Sudan who were non-Ngok Dinka or Twic citizens, yet

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