South Sudanese citizens and Tutu Baibe fans in Kampala, Uganda will never see Tutu perform in their city, thanks to Tutu’s haters.

Award-winning songbird Tutu Baibe has penned an apology to her fans explaining why they will never see her electrifying live performance in Kampala. This is following an incident where Tutu was allegedly attacked by a reveler last night at a show in Kampala.

The South Sudanese diva shared an emotional apology where she announced that she will never attend or perform at a South Sudanese organised convert in Kampala due to increased violence at South Sudanese events.

She couldn’t reveal who her attackers or haters are.

We are told the afro-dancehall singer was involved in a scuffle with some people she termed her “haters”.

This happened at Alijoma’s Berke Concert at Club Venom on Saturday night. Details of what really transpired are not clear but the event was as usual rocked by violent fights.

Here is the screenshot of Tutu’s long apology.